Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Playing the guitar

There has been a lot of action in my life in recent weeks. Graduation, a new job and a new life! With all these changes, it is difficult to find time for myself. Yesterday evening, I got my first guitar lessons of 2013, and I realized how much music was essential to my life and I missed it.

Lack of time, fatigue, any excuse to procrastinate or postpone hobbies that are considered unimportant is a mistake! Music makes me feel so good. I do not understand why I stopped playing it for so long.

I seriously started playing guitar in 2012. I've always loved singing. When I was younger I was in several competitions.

So I needed a new challenge to help me continue my dream of being musical. So I decided on the guitar! I fell in love with this instrument that I discover a little more of each day.

I never want to convince myself that I do not have time to do the things I love. We lose too much time and do not appreciate what we have, and I have every intention of becoming a pro at playing the guitar.

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